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Nov 22

The Living Room is a full service salon & spa.  We offer a wide variety of hair, skin, body, nail, brow & lash services.   Our stylist & therapists are passionate about continually advancing their education on a regular basis.  We use products that are not only clean and sustainable for you & the earth, but that are also result driven. We enjoy taking care of our guests on a regular basis & always look forward to meeting someone new.

Our Story

Jump “the jump is so frightening between where i am and where i want to be. because of all i may become, i will close my eyes and leap.” -unknown

Ten years ago, we longed for a space to do our craft. One that was comfortable & beautiful for us and our guests. We quickly decided on the name “The Living Room” as it is defined as “space required for growth and activity.”  Our “Living” Room has grown to exceed our expectations and is full of beauty in more forms than we could have imagined. As a group we share a passion for our clients, education, personal growth, and the amazing products that we love so much.  It is my personal passion to encourage people to be brave & make that “jump” in the direction of their dreams.  It has been so rewarding for all of us at The Living Room. – Jolie Kiser owner